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In addition to the QPD specialty horse feeds, we stock all major brands and quality supplements.

Visit our Toowoomba store or give us a call for more details.



Relax Cool & Calm Mix

A complete feed, combining your horse's favourites. it includes natural high fibre components to make your daily feeds easy and to keep your horse healthy and happy for the inside-out. 

The ideal balance without adding any fizz, recommended for topline, camp drafting, show jumping, pre-training, dressage, spellers, broodmares, foals, weanlings.

Relax Cool & Calm

QPD Specialty Horse Feeds

QPD Gold Formula Mare and Foal Mix

Gold Formula Mare & Foal Mix

A palatable blend of your horse’s favourite grains with molasses for fussy eaters. A high protein, high energy feed to meet the needs of growing and breeding horses.

QPD Work Horse Mix

Work Horse Mix

A nutritionally balanced oats based all natural muesli feed formulated for sport and performance horses in full training and competition.

QPD Mare and Foal Mix

Mare and Foal Mix

QPD’s Mare and Foal Mix is composed of only the highest quality produce. It is a complete, highly palatable horse mix formulated by horse people.

QPD Fibre Plus

Fibre Plus

Grain based diets can lead to digestive problems. Fibre Plus diminishes this risk and improves the gut health of horses. Extremely palatable and fortified with molasses.

Relax Nutrition

Relax Super Complete (1).png

Relax Super Fibre Complete

Relax Super Fibre Complete: The Complete Feed Solution (No Grain, No Soy Low Sugar, Low Starch Pellet)

Formulated to cover your horse's daily nutritional needs in one complete ration.

Relax Cold Pressed Flaxseed Oil

Relax Oil

Cold pressed flaxseed oil naturally high in Omega 3 providing a cool source of energy, supporting healthy joints, a healthier skin and a shiny coat.


Relax Super Fibre Plus

Relax Super Fibre Plus

An outstanding source of highly digestible fibre and prebiotics for cool energy and optimal gut health. Safe for horses prone to laminitis and EMS.

Relax Animal Bedding

Relax Animal Bedding

Relax Animal Bedding pellets are a byproduct of the timber industry and are 100% Australian sourced.

Perfect for stables, but is also a fantastic option for your cat litter tray or guinea pig or bunny enclosure.

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