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A complete range of horse feed to suit every horse no matter what discipline.

high digestibility


Encourages normal chewing and digestion while utilising feed.

grain and molasses free


Improved digestion and utilisation of feed.

high fibre, ulcer friendly


Highly palatable and boosts the immune system

all natural ingredients


Formulated using natural ingredients and no by-products


Johnson's Alfalfa Plus

Alfalfa Plus

Johnson’s Alfalfa Plus is a high fibre, high protein, low starch and sugar, pelleted feed.

Formulated as a cool feed, it is suitable for all horses and ponies in light, medium or hard work, retired or spelling horses, breeding and growing horses. Provides very low starch and sugar levels, which may make it a suitable feed for horses who tie up, or suffer from Laminitis, Cushings, Insulin Resistance, Equine Metabolic Syndrome etc.

Johnson's Mare and Foal

Mare & Foal

Premium, balanced feed designed to provide a high level of nutritional support to broodmares, foals, weanlings, yearlings, growing horses and breeding stallions.

Johnson’s Mare & Foal is a premium, complete, pelleted breeding and growing feed designed specifically for Australian conditions. Top quality, whole ingredients combined with prebiotics and probiotics and bioavailable vitamins and minerals aid in nutrient digestion and provide the essential basis for optimum fertility. Scientifically formulated to contribute to proper bone, joint and tendon growth, nourish growing muscles, and support a developing immune system.

Johnson's Platinum Low GI

Platinum Low GI

Grain free high performance feed that delivers slow release energy to performance, growing and breeding horses.

Johnson’s Platinum Low GI is a low glycemic feed, based on superior high fat and fibre sources.It is a balanced, pelleted feed designed to deliver slow release, sustained and safe energy, while also helping to support body condition and muscle development. Premium ingredients are paired with organic minerals, prebiotics, probiotics and a mycotoxin binder to ensure optimal uptake and performance. A cool feed suitable for horses and ponies in medium to hard work, growing, breeding and spelling horses.

Johnson's Horse and Pony

Horse & Pony

Cool feed suitable for horses and ponies in light to medium work and retired horses.

Johnson’s Horse & Pony is a high fibre, balanced, economical pelleted feed designed to deliver sustained, safe energy. Formulated as a cool feed, suitable for horses and ponies in light to medium work and retired or spelling horses.

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