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QPD Mare and Foal Mix

Mare and Foal Mix

QPD’s Mare and Foal Mix is composed of only the highest quality produce. It is a complete, highly palatable horse mix formulated by horse people.


Recommended for:

  • Pregnant and Lactating Mares

  • Foals

  • Young growing horses


Product Analysis

  • Minimum crude protein – 13.5%

  • Maxomum crude fibre – 16.3%

  • Energy – 15.9 MJ/kg

  • Fat – 7.0%


Product Contents

This product is made from rolled barley, rolled oats, cracked corn, clack sunflower, oil enhanced extruded grain mix, lucerne chaff, full fat soya meal. cracked lupins, mudgee dolomite, supplemented with a balanced citamin and mineral premix, and blended with molasses.


Feeding Guide

A daily ration should contain a mixture of roughage, that is hay, chaff, Fibre Plus and or pasture and grains or concentrates.

Your minimum roughage intake should be approximately 1% of your horse’s bodyweight.

A foal needs a diet of good quality roughage and minimal grain or concentrate.

A mare also needs a diet of good quality roughage and grain.

The more they do, the more you need to increase the grain content of their diet to cater for their increased energy requirement.



approx 1.0 kg twice a day


approx 1.25 kg twice a day

Two Year Olds

approx 1.5 kg twice a day


Early Pregnancy

approx 1.5 - 2.0 kg twice a day

Late Pregnancy (8-11 mths)

approx 2.0 kg twice a day


Mare and Foal can be successfully used as a base diet, feeding. Approximately 2.0 kg twice a day, but you will need to supplement it with additional high energy grains or supplements, eg, Oats or Corn or Work Horse Mix as dictated by the additional workload on the horse.

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