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Selection of Stance Equitec products at QPD in Toowoomba

Proudly stocking a huge range of Stance Equitec and if happen to miss your favourite, we are happy to order it in for you! 


Stance Equitec UlcaBuf


UlcaBuf is an all natural, non medicated, supplement with specifically curated ingredients to support long term digestive function. Safe to use in horses with gastric ulcers and hindgut acidosis.

  • Supports proper pH under occasional gastric distress

  • Helps support protective layer in the bowel

  • Contains prebiotics and live probiotic for intestinal health

Stance Equitec Cool Stance Copra

Cool Stance Copra

Premium Coconut (Copra) Meal

The only low NSC, high energy, GMO free feed in the world

Insulin resistance safe

Laminitis safe 

Safe for anhydrosis horses


  • 100% dried, cooked and ground coconut

  • Chemical and GMO free

  • May be beneficial for conditioning, weight gain, coat shine and hoof health

  • Aflatoxin tested

Stance Equitec ProFlex


ProFlex supports the skeletal, endocrine, nervous and circulatory systems. ProFlex provides the horse with precursors for the natural synthesis of ingredients, such as collagen, to support normal joint and ligament function.


  • Supports cartilage, ligament, tendon function

  • Supports hoof growth

  • Supports joint mobility

Stance Equitec SandBuster


Designed to feed to horses exposed to dry or sandy conditions, where an accumulation of sand in the hind gut may have occurred.


  • Intestinal support for horses on sandy conditions

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