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Relax Animal Bedding

Relax Animal Bedding

Relax Animal Bedding pellets are a byproduct of the timber industry and are 100% Australian sourced.

Perfect for stables, but is also a fantastic option for your cat litter tray or guinea pig or bunny enclosure.

  • Eco friendly and compostible

  • Dust free and fragrant with natural pine scent

  • Super absorbant

  • Easy to clean and maintain

  • Available in 15kg bag for easy handling

  • Cost-efficient

  • Available all year round!

Relax Animal Bedding comes in compressed pellet form which is re-constituted and expands with the addition of water. 

Relax Animal bedding instructions

Place bag in stable, open and activate with water

Relax Animal bedding instructions

Spread across stable

Relax Animal bedding instructions

Sweet smelling & easy to clean & maintain

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