Welcome to Queensland Produce Distributors

For over 25 years, Queensland Produce Distributors has been one of Queensland’s leading manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers of premium quality horse, livestock and poultry feeds. From our dedicated feed mill and manufacturing facility in Toowoomba, we supply feed grains, hay and chaff. We also have a drive-thru retail shop with a fully stocked non prescription vet shop, specialising in products for performance horses.



Premium quality feed grains sourced from farms on the
Darling Downs, and feed oats sourced from farms in Victoria and NSW.

  A full range of premium quality, nutritionally balanced horse feeds suitable for all types of horses
(recreational, sporting and performance horses).

Natural grains mixed and blended to proven formulas
suitable for cattle, bulls, sheep, goats, pigs and alpacas.

  All natural, no preservatives, no antibiotics, no restricted animal materials, no artificial colouring.
Suitable for Laying hens, meat chickens, chooks, turkeys and ducks.